Cynthia Billeaud -Founder & Chief Recruiting Officer

In her professional journey, Cynthia has always ensured to build trust and unity among each managing and operating teams she has had the privilege to work with. It has always resulted in high employee retention, creativity, dedication and consistency with talents and guests experience; and overall growth in all business activities. Acting as a dedicated agent to her network of talents, Cynthia has become the point of reference within the top Chefs community. From her experience in France as headhunter to her East Coast West Coast journey in the U.S. in charge of Talents and Culture for the most distinguished Chefs, Cynthia has built an international and unique network of trusted and highly qualified talents.

Stephanie Bachez -Talent Acquisition Director

Stephanie is dedicated to connecting creative leaders and opportunities in the hospitality industry.  She has devoted her career in driving talent acquisition and employer branding for fast growing companies nationwide.  From developing a talent and culture team for one of the largest internet-based digital media services to supporting a Michelin Star Restaurant Group, Stephanie has creatively built a well rounded network.