The Inner Circle

The shortage of hospitality professionals has transformed the recruiting model into a faceless standard where digital tools have taken over the personal interaction. The talent acquisition process has evolved into a seller market where candidates expect fast and easy screenings while employers have resigned themselves to this new norm putting at risk the fundamentals of cultural fit and clear expectations towards their guests, their team and their identity.

My journey within the Culinary community in charge of Talent and Culture has allowed me to understand and solve this "personnel" disconnect. While digital tools have greatly improved my pipeline of candidates, I remain driven by culture and personalities. Whether you are a Culinary partner or a candidate, your expectations are aligned with my experience. 


  • No cost to candidates
  • Confidential: no personal information is shared without prior consent
  • Preferred access to top International Culinary Leaders and growing Restaurateurs
  • Personalized and dedicated attention to candidates
  • Contract negotiations
  • Career path Manager
  • All referrals will be rewarded a $250 Amazon Gift Card at hiring date

Culinary Group Partners

  • Highly qualified and proven network of candidates for Front and Back of the House
  • Personalized search of talents to match specific and unique restaurant cultures
  • Contract management
  • Partnership approach to assist your group in its operations processes
  • Experience with  non-immigrant and immigrant Visas
  • Experience with Hotels partnerships
  • Experience with 20+ restaurant openings and time sensitive staffing
  • International network and experience with the U.S., Europe and Southeast Asia regions
  • Competitive "A La Carte" rate arrangement

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